Shark Liver Oil

Historically, shark liver oil has been used by the cultures of northern Europe as a folk remedy for wounds and the flu.  From an article "Shark Live Oil:  A Hidden Treasure of Health is Discovered.  From Ancient Folk Stories to Medical Breakthrough!" 

They state that folklore, dated as far back as the Vikings, tell of healing properties and health benefits these ancient fishermen had from using shark liver oil.  They would rub it on their skin for protection from the sun and wind and they would drink the oil for increased strength and stamina.  T

he article goes on to say that the Japanese were credited with the first documented studies in 1942 involving deep water sharks and the significance of their oil.  After a decade of testing, scientific evidence concluded that these mysterious creatures of the deep had the strongest Immune System ever know to man and their bodies could resist all forms of disease, infections, bacteria, viruses and cancer! 

The secret of the shark’s incredible immunity was a substance within their liver oil identified as alkylglycerol.  

Shark liver oil contains a number of substances including alkylglycerol squalene, and squalamine, all of which are believed to possess medical properties. Much of the interest in shark liver oil stems from its alkylglycerol content which is believed to act as a potential complement to traditional cancer treatments and as an immune boosting agent.

Alkylglycerols are found in cow, sheep, and human's breast milk and shark liver oil.  Alkylglycerols are the active ingredients that give breast-fed babies protection against infection until their own immune system is fully developed.  Human's milk has 10 times more alkylglycerol than cow's milk and there is 1000 times more alkylglycerol in Shark's Liver Oil than in cow's milk. 

Shark Liver Oil contains up to 30% alkylglycerol, the highest levels found anywhere in nature!

In animal studies, squalamine has been shown to fight cancers of the lung, breast, brain, and skin by choking off the tumor's blood supply.  Shark Liver Oil also supplies OMEGA -3 , DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), it also contains Vitamin A.

Shark Liver Oil has been referred to as Nature's Amazing Healer because it:                                               
    * Fights common cold.
    * Eases symptoms of allergies and asthma.
    * Lowers blood pressure.
    * Reduces blood sugar levels.
    * Decreases pain.
    * Boosts Energy
    * Helps you sleep better and more
Shark Liver Oil helps in detoxification, immune-enhancing, oxygenation to cells, anti-oxidant, and is UV protective.  Shark Liver Oil helps deliver oxygen to the cell tissues that need it and penetrates the cell membranes so it plays an effective role as an anti-oxidant, giving us more energy. 

Shark Liver Oil strengthens the immune system to assist with reducing infections.  Shark liver oil has DHA (docosahexaeonic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), two omega-3 fatty acids that help in the production of prostaglandins, which help with pain control and joint mobility. 

New research is showing that fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids may be just as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs without the negative side effects such as increased death rates, increased risk of heart attacks, and serious neurological disorders.  And fish oils are far less expensive. That is partly why the public rarely hears the good news about prevention of arthritis pain with natural substances, foods or nutritional supplements.

I have used shark liver oil myself and had great results.  I was under a lot of stress with work, school and family life.  I would study and just couldn't seem to keep the ideas in my brain for recall.  I was really stressed with an upcoming test and I couldn't seem to recall information that I had worked so hard to memorize.

A chiropractor friend recommended shark liver oil and gave me a bottle. After taking it for just a week or so I began to feel more mental clarity and relief from the stress.  I was able to recall information that I had memorized and when test day came 6 weeks later, I was relaxed and did very well on my test.  It helped in other areas,  too, I found I didn't get sick when others around me were ill.  Shark liver oil is such a blessing to me and I tell everyone how wonderful it is.

The product he gave me was Alkyl Transfactor™ by Seabiotics®.  What really impressed me about the product, besides how it made me feel, was its purity.  Alkyl Transfactor™ is guaranteed free of detectable contaminants.
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News Target Network  November-15, 2004
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Shark Liver Oil:  A Hidden Treasure of Health is discovered.  From Ancient Folk Stories to Medical Breakthrough

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